Words of a Woman...Words that Seek to Speak to Soul of Every Woman

Words of a Woman...Words that Seek to Speak to Soul of Every Woman

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Trails

When I kicked my door shut,
Prayed the dust from my foot
to follow you to your next pit stop.

May the path you walk
be the bumpiest any
man did dare thread before,

And from the bottom of my heart,
I hope you get what you deserve
x's more.

I wish your feet to crave the
places they don't belong, and
I hope that somewhere along the road,
your heart gets strung.

May you love someone deeper and longer
than anyone else before and may she play
the game against you, until your hope is no more.

In Karma's Name, Amen.

Tanette, 2010

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Swim

It was you that made me fall,
off the ledge of reason…

You looked me in the eyes,
and said, The water is fine.
I became captivated by that one single line.

So I didn’t see the treacherous waves
before me.  Instead, I took your hand softly,

and emerged too deep…

That’s when I had difficulty breathing,
brutal water shoved against cheek
and you were nowhere for me to see.

I could not swim until that point,
when I realized I was in the water alone,
beating the fierce currents on my own.


See it all happened so fast,
and before it started,
I was introduced to its’ last.

I learnt to adapt quickly, as I begun to

form my hands, and glide my feet,

as the water clung against me like a sheet.

I let the waves caress the curves of me.

I pushed forth stronger until I could see…
the horizon that shined before me.
It was then I realized, with land in sight,

I had beat the worse that was coming to me,

I just needed to stand up on my own two feet.

Tanette 2010

Thursday, June 27, 2013

For the Sake of Our Love

For the sake of our love,

we build bridges over

the broken pieces. We

tip-toe slowly over its’ surface

and try not to look down

to rivers of past.  We acknowledge

the stumbling blocks that try to

halt us dead in our tracks.


For the sake of our love, we can start

over again, and then again,

when we go the wrong

route. Think the “agains” are better

each time.  We realize the

reality of our love, and we

make up for time lost.


For the sake of our love,

we keep loving the intricate

outlines and interiors of one

another.  We delicately

wallow in the heart of the others

soul, and tarry long.


For the sake of our love,

we love.  Like endless moments

trapped at the edge of earth.

We cross galaxies of pain and hurt.

We leap over high peaks

and mounds to reach what

God meant for us to be.


For the sake of our love,

we seek to reach our

destiny, and dive deep

Into the brink of possibilities.

Tanette 2011

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Rant: Shay-Renae & Friends Online Radio by ShayRenae | Blog Talk Radio

Shay Renae & Friends Online Radio by ShayRenae | Blog Talk Radio

I'm going to twitch it up a bit and share this radio clip with everyone that features myself, Shay-Renae, and Sy Aaron with Relationship Therapist, Dr. Q!! Listen to what successful women have to say about being single, sexy, and dating!

Single, Sexy, Successful & Dating 05/28 by ShayRenae | Blog Talk Radio

Monday, May 27, 2013

With You

With you,
I am me, and you are you.
I like the simplicity of it.

The simple way,
you make me
smile with few
words spoken.
The way your
words spoken
seem to fill me up
more than the food
on my plate.

My internal plate made
full by the possibility of
you and me.

You and me,
just like the sound of it
as one harmonious beat.

One harmonious beat,
that looms over me,
and tickles me left and right.

Left or right,
I'd follow you,
to a mutual center.

Center, is where we
always seem to meet,
with your thoughts,
complimenting my own.

With you,
I am me, and you are you.
I like the simplicity of it.






Sunday, May 5, 2013

Naked Melody

Laying in bed
after love.
Thinking thoughts,
lazy like,
ones that require
no x equals
why this or that,
or what to do next.
We lollygag in thought,
together, alone.
No longer
self-conscious of that
extra fat on my
stomach and thighs,
pressed up against
you now.
Quietly exposed in
beaming light.
I linger fingers on that
scar you despise.
Lost in the silent hum of us,
side by side,
where imperfection
becomes justified.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Rants:Men Types: Part I

This little piece was inspired by a close friend, who gave me some personal inspiration after he wrote a piece on Female Types lol So I wanted to give it a shot. I never showed anyone this, until I showed the friend who inspired me recently.  He liked it, so here it is!! Tell me if you've seen these dudes! This is ONLY the beginning!

Mr. Too Pretty

He always looks the part. With fresh kicks and a nice hat to boot.  Everything is always in check. Smells divine, nice smile, smooth skin, dressed to perfection.  He always got the latest in all things in regards to fashion.  He has good taste, and can  even help you pick out a sexy fit.


-Always looks good.
-You love to be in his presence
-He is charming
-He’s down for a shopping spree 

-He is too superficial
-He thinks he looks better than you
-He uses up more mirror-time than you (You know this is a major NO-NO)
-He is SUSPECT! (Check him ladies)

Mr. Street Savvy

He demands respect, and he gets it.  He never has an empty pocket, and he knows the street, like the back of his hand.  Everybody knows this dude.  He exuberates sexiness, because of his demeanor.  He is the gangsta, the street hustler, or the brotha’ around the block.  He’s the get it done guy.

-He is so darn sexy.
-You feel protected with him.
-He doesn’t neglect to give you money to get whatever you need.
-Most times he can work out the kinks in the bedroom.

-He is too occupied with everything else and everybody else that you often get bumped to the back burner.
-He is too secretive, and you never know what he really has going
-You know there is another chick or chicas. (plural).

Mr. Momma’s Boy

He knows how to treat a woman, and this is how he lures you in.  He knows what to do to make you smile, and he is the perfect gentleman. He has values and follows them.  He respects you for the woman that you are. He brings you home to momma for approval, and this is sweet, until time prevails.

-You feel connected to him
-You respect the way he respects you.
-He is too darn considerate of your needs and wants

Disadvantages:-His mother is always right.
-He gets more happy from mommy’s hugs and kisses than yours
-He’ll leave you if his mother told him too
-He can be a weakling, don’t you hear him, “Yes momma, I’ll do it right away momma, of your course I’m coming, SHE can wait”….ecetera, ecetera….

Mr. Workaholic
He is the driven soul.  He is the one to work from dusk to dawn…and not need a break from anything. He has the work ethic of a promising good ole’ boy.

-He is very goal-oriented
-He knows exactly what he wants
-He is financially stable.
-When he finds time for love making…you won’t be disappointed
- Sometimes these gentlemen have difficulty settling.

-He is always working
-He rarely takes you on many nice dates (due to his schedule)
-He can be predictable

Mr. Uncertain

Now this one ladies is one to take a second, third, or fourth look.  He is the one that has it together always. I’m talking about this brother is the one, or least he makes you think that.  He is almost too perfect.

-He is a gentleman
-He has the ability to be romantic
-He takes care of the woman he so chooses

-He can be a playboy
-You have this gut feeling that this nigga might be undercover.
-He will not settle quickly

Mr. Pushover

-He is the sweetest thing!
-You just love this guy.
-He worships the ground you walk on, admires your shadow, and would gladly drink your bath water.

-He appears weak in situations that involve protecting you
-He always wants what u wants or agrees with you
-He doesn't bring it in the bedroom, sometimes you just wanna be grabbed and firmly handled without your man saying, "You  okay baby"! Dang! I'm trying to get my rough neck on lol

Mr. Intrigue

He is the guy that makes you say....hmmmm! He keeps your attention even when he is not doing much. You know you have to have him, but then you also wonder what this venture will ultimately lead to!

-He is sexy for certain reasons...demeanor...piercing eyes...perfect smile...
-He is confident in being who he is wherever he is
-He allows you be with him intimately with ease.

-He is always evasive in approaching true commitment, possibly due to past heartbreak or just the lack of being ready to settle
-He doesn't tell you much, just enough to keep u intrigued
-Sex is amazing but you know you are not the only one....